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Are you a business owner approaching retirement, wanting to monetize the countless efforts invested since the start of your entrepreneurial journey?

A guide to doubling the resale value of your company

Take a look at our step-by-step guide to doubling the resale value of our customers’ businesses.

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Our value growth experts are committed to supporting you in a strategic implementation, specifically aimed at doubling your company’s resale value.

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Our compensation is entirely linked to the growth of your company’s value. If you don’t see results, we don’t want your money! As simple as that…

A guide to doubling, sometimes even tripling the resale value of a company

Our guide includes specific steps to increase the resale value of our customers’ businesses. Get the guide to learn these steps and let us demonstrate our team’s expertise.

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of companies on the market don't get the price they want

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Over 40% of companies on the market have no takers

We’re ready to optimize your business

Don’t be like 90% of the companies on the market who don’t get the price they want. Increase the resale value of your business with our experts today.

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“We’re supported every step of the way. Our questions are answered quickly. The availability and quality of service are much appreciated. I felt supported and always offered the best options. I felt understood and not like a number. Personalized service!”

Chloé Daneau

4 000 000 $
Project naturel

“We needed his services for the sale of our business and commercial building, particularly with regard to the tax impact of the transactions and negotiations with the buyers’ legal advisor. We wouldn’t have been able to receive the sums we had set ourselves without his expertise.”

Marc Lepage

2 200 000 $
Project retail

Your questions, our answers

Here you’ll find the questions most frequently asked by our customers about optimizing the value of a company.

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First, we analyze your company’s 8 intrinsic value drivers (sales, operations, marketing, finance, legal, HR, planning, leadership). An in-depth analysis of all these drivers then enables us to share a precise strategic plan for each of these value drivers. Our support in implementing these strategies enables us to greatly increase your company’s resale value.

Very often, entrepreneurs look for growth in sales rather than growth in value drivers. By assessing and reinforcing these drivers, business owners are able to focus on the real drivers of value growth.

As discussed above, if buyers are confident that profits will remain stable or increase, they will be willing to pay more for the business, since their perception of risk is low.

Here are a few elements that can reassure your buyers about the company, and which usually increase the value of your business:

  • If the company has a competitive advantage over its competitors;
  • If you are in a stable or growing market;
  • If your company enjoys a good reputation;
  • The quality of your employee training and the experience of your management team;
  • Whether it’s difficult to penetrate the market or launch a business in your field;
  • Whether you have long-standing relationships with your customers;
  • If your customers are numerous and diversified;
  • If the company has a stable or growing track record of sales and profits;
  • If your company has intellectual property (patent, trademark, etc.) that is difficult to copy;
  • If you have projections based on solid, verifiable assumptions;
  • if you have long-term contracts with your customers; and
  • If your buyer has synergies with your company, which will enable him or her to rapidly reduce your expenses or rapidly increase your sales.