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Business Brokerage

We sell your business in a record time, on the best possible terms, without any complications.

Our results speak for themselves

We sold 93% of the companies we were commissioned to sell, and did so within an average of 6 months from market launch.

Our recipe for success?

A dedicated and experienced team of professionals will meet your highest expectations while providing you with a service tailored to your needs. Our professionals are able to address all your concerns regarding the various stages of a business sale. What’s more, our team will take complete charge of your mandate to ensure you get the best possible price and find a buyer who meets your expectations. To sell your business in less than 6 months, the pntt team has developed a sales process that is: fast, confidential and efficient.

Our services

Two (2) different appraisals of your business will be carried out in order to be certain of its fair value. A valuation performed by us and a valuation performed by a chartered business valuator (a ”CBV”).

  • Preparation of marketing documents (Confidential Executive Summary and Confidential Information Memorandum).
  • We create marketing documents that highlight the advantages and opportunities of acquiring your business. The goal is to attract as many qualified buyers as possible.

We find your ideal buyer from our bank of buyers and through direct solicitation of strategic buyers.

Our professionals are licensed commercial real estate brokers. They can help you sell your commercial and/or industrial property.

  • We offer a summary opinion on access to the capital gains deduction so that you can save as much tax as possible at the time of sale.
  • We also look together at the advantages and disadvantages of selling the shares or assets, or a combination of the 2.
  • Drafting of confidentiality agreement and offer to purchase.
  • Full support up to the sale of the company, during the transition and up to the post-closing adjustments.

One team, many advantages

Why should you do business with a firm specializing in business brokerage services?

A proven process

Structured, confidential process with a proven track record: We have sold 93% of the companies we have been commissioned to sell to date.

No conflicts of interest

We only accept business sell-side mandates. Our mandate with you ends once the transaction is completed. We're here exclusively to get you the best possible terms, with no complications.

A multidisciplinary team

A multidisciplinary team to support you from A to Z in your transaction (analyst, lawyer, tax specialist, commercial real estate broker, etc.). You can use this time to manage your business.

A quick process

Currently, our average transaction takes 6.4 months to complete from market launch.

Expert in negotiations

A team of tax lawyers with negotiating experience to help you achieve a smooth transaction.

An extensive network

An extensive network of international buyers and collaborators to find qualified buyers quickly.

Did you know ?

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of buyers are looking for stable companies

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of buyers are looking to buy growing companies

“Very professional, efficient and trustworthy broker and lawyer. The sale of our company Optimum Logistique Inc was a success and Me Alexandre Lacasse was an integral part of the successful negotiations. Thank you again! I will not hesitate to contact you again for a future file.”


1 900 000 $
Project Logistics

“Alexandre Lacasse and his team are very competent, available and quick to answer questions. He took care of everything to ensure that the sale went through without any upset for me. Selling a company can be a very stressful experience, but by going through this broker I really did the best I could to conclude the transaction without a hitch. Before choosing pntt I had consulted several other brokers without being thrilled by the meetings I’d had with them. It’s not easy to find a good broker who’s also a tax expert and a lawyer. A good experience for me!


1 200 000 $
Projet Natural

Your questions, our answers

Selling a business is a complex process that requires professional help. Here are some examples of questions we are frequently asked.

Foire aux questions

At pntt, we are committed to finding buyers within 2 months of marketing the business. Once the potential buyer is found and a letter of intent is filed, you can count on another “2-4 months” to manage the buyers’ legal, accounting and tax due diligence and negotiate the final documentation.

Sales times will be influenced mainly by :

  • your sector of activity;
  • your selling price;
  • your preparation;
  • the quality and competence of your professionals
  • the number of interested buyers;
  • etc.

In some cases, it can take up to 2 years or more to properly prepare your business for the market. It’s also important to remember that the longer the sales process, the greater the chance that employees, customers and suppliers will become aware of the sale. A fast, confidential and efficient sales process focused on results is therefore essential.

Yes, at pntt confidentiality is a very important part of our sales process. If the sale is not made confidentially, you risk losing employees, customers and/or suppliers. This will have a negative impact on your profits, and at the same time favor your competitors.

According to a 2017 BDC study, “very few buyers (8%), regardless of their size or willingness to take risks, look for declining businesses […].”

In order to get a good price and attract multiple buyers, it’s best to sell when the business is stable or growing, and avoid any situations that could diminish the company’s profits.

The Teaser is the first thing a buyer should receive. The purpose of this document is to attract their attention so that they contact us or request additional information.

We want this document to be detailed enough to grab attention, but vague enough to make it impossible to identify the name of the company for sale.

We need to give a very broad location and avoid detailing the services offered by the company, especially if it is highly specialized. That said, after reading the Teaser, the buyer should have a fairly clear idea of the company and its appeal.

The Teaser should include the following elements:

  • An idea of the owner’s desired transaction (sale of all or part of the business, sale of assets or shares, sale of the business with, or without, the building, etc.);
  • The general history of the business;
  • A summary description of financial information;
  • A summary description of services or products;
  • Within which industry and geographic area the company operates; and
  • A summary of the company’s strengths and competitive advantage to attract the attention of buyers in the field.